Bright Colour Dream Speigas
Was born 31 March, 2012 in Lithuania, lives in Frosty Champions kennel now

Matsi was named in honor of the wolf, his name translates as: - gentle and brave, and this description completely characterizes him. Matsi not dominant and he probably hidden leader. I think in our kennel, he became a beta male like a wolf after whom he was named. Matsi very affectionate, kind, he loves to communicate with people and friendly with all dogs. Matsi very brave and never afraid of anything, he knows his own worth, and always give rebuff to those who want to hurt him. Among his flock Matsi imposingly lies at the highest place and watching all the top.

Awards and Titles
  • World Winner 2015 (BOB)
  • Europian Winner 2014 (BOB)
  • Junior World Winner 2013 (JBOB), BIS Junior
  • № 1 SIBERIAN 2016
  • International Champion
  • Russian Champion
  • Breed Club Champion
  • 5 х Champion of RKF
  • Grand Russian Champio
  • Czech Republic Champion
  • Grand Czech Republic Champion
  • Lithuanian Champion
  • Champion of Belarus
  • Grand Champion of Belarus
  • Champion Breed 2016
  • 6 х CACIB
  • Best Male of Breed 2013
  • 4х Breed Club Winner
  • BIS Junior Eurasia 2013
  • Russian Junior Champion
  • Junior Breed Club Champion
  • 4х Junior Breed Club Winner
  • Multi BIS Winner, Multi BISS Winner
  • Multi BISS Baby/Puppy
  • Multi BIS Baby/Puppy
  • BOB puppy Russia 2012
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