Frosty Champions Kennel

Svetlana Durzhinskaya

Breeder, judge on the exterior, judge on working qualities.
Professional  Siberian Husky groomer. 

Viktoria Rozanova

Breeder, professional handler, groomer, multiple participant and winner of the sled racing. Teaches courses handler and is an Instructor riding sports with Siberian Husky (sledding, skijoring).


Our FROSTY-CHAMPIONS Kennel is located in Botovo village of beautiful Sergiev Posad district.
Near Botovo village is situated a waterfall called "Gremyachiy Klych" and every one wants to get there and take a dip in the holy water. This place has everything that you need to take a break from the noisy city life - silence, birds singing, the forest - in one word the real nature that we do not feel in everyday life. All our dogs have been provided with the roomy and comfortable outdoors crates and with the large walking area. We have personal warm and cozy puppy rooms for our puppies. We pay great attention to the care and feeding of our dogs. Also our dogs are monthly examined by a vet specialist. 
We love our dogs and take a great care for them!

General sections
  • Litter "i"
    • Frosty Champions Ida
  • Litter "K"
    • Frosty Champions Koukou Roukou
    • Frosty Champions Ksimena